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This two-day course will focus on developing coaching skills and providing practical application of the information taught in the USA Archery Level 3-NTS Online Coach Course. Specifically, the course will aim to develop candidates’ ability to model the shot process, teach the shot process, utilize the coaching tools and methods presented in the online course, and apply training session design to develop athletes of various levels. The assessment for the practical is directly related to the specific learning objectives.  Couse fee:  $300 + processing fee. ($325 for students located outside the United States.)  (Please see our course reviews at: )  THIS WILL BE A VIRTUAL ONLINE VERSION of the Level 3 Practical course.  To successfully complete this course, you must use a computer screen of at least 13 inches to be able to clearly discern the graphics, information, and interact with the other students.  This course is live and interactive and you must leave your video camera on throughout the course. 

The Level 3-NTS Coach Certification Course moves away from a group instruction and focuses on individual athlete development. Students in the Level 3-NTS Coach Certification Course will be introduced to coaching philosophy, event preparation, mental skills, training cycles and plans, equipment tuning and receive advanced instruction on the National Training System for Recurve and Compound.

To successfully complete the USA Archery Level 3-NTS Archery Coach Certification Course, each student must be age 19 years or older and meet the following course requirements:

  • Complete the Online Portion of the USA Archery Level 3-NTS Archery Coach Course and pass the online exam
  • Register for and attend a Level 3-NTS Coach Certification practical course
  • Craft a Coaching Philosophy
  • Demonstrate, explain, and teach the National Training System Steps of Shooting for Recurve and Compound
  • Understand the learning process
  • Understand coaching methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to create training plans
  • Pass the practical exam

In addition to completing the online course, candidates must memorize the Recurve and Compound NTS Steps of Shooting along with the key points for each step and the 8 Software Steps prior to attending the practical course.

This course requires a minimum of 4 registered students.  Notification will be sent at least 5 days in advance of the planned start date if the course needs to be rescheduled due to low enrollment. 


Level 3NTS Coach Practical Course


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