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Level 3-NTS Practical

This Level 3-NTS Practical course is for instructors or coaches who has passed their Level 3-NTS Online course. On passing, you will receive many benefits that include (i) Qualified to instruct Level 1 Instructor Certification Courses, (ii) Eligible to apply for Level 2 Instructor Trainer Certification, (iii) Qualified to be a lead instructor for an Explore Archery Program, and a JOAD, Adult, or Collegiate Program, and (iv) Eligible for USAA insurance coverage. 

The practical course is designed to take approximately 16 hours and the course fee is $360. It is your responsibility to satisfy all USA Archery Certification requirements before signing up for this Practical course. Please contact coach Victor Chia for more information at [email protected]

Payment for the Practical course will be to coach Victor Chia by PayPal. Please send your payment to a FRIEND to CHIA.ARCHERY@GMAIL.COM and ensure you pay all fees associated with the payment, otherwise the RECEIVED amount will be returned to you. Thank you. 


Level 3NTS Coach Practical Course


2301 Verna Court, San Leandro, California, United States of America, 94557


[email protected]



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