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Level III NTS, Virtual - Coach Kyle Bissell

Course Title: Level III - NTS
Course Dates: Mon/Weds/Fri: January 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29; February 1, 3, 5
Course Time: 7:00 PM EST
Course Location: Zoom
Course Facilitator: Kyle Bissell
Course Length: 24 hrs
Certification Period: Three years from the date of successfully completing the Level III course
Course Fee: $350 includes purchase and shipping cost of Level III educational packet.
Max. Course Size: 10

Course Description:

Sattva uses Zoom as the online meeting platform for all Virtual Coach Certification Courses.  Our Virtual Level III-NTS Course consists of 12 classes spread out over four or five weeks.  The first six classes are 2 hours each; The second half of the course consists of six, 1.5 hour classes.  Shorter periods of time for each meeting allow you to dive more deeply into each topic and makes the duration of each Zoom session more manageable.

In addition to working through the content contained within the Level III Student Packet, mailed to you by Sattva, Coach Kyle offers an engaging curriculum encouraging each participant to take a deep dive into the Level III Course themes.  Regular homework is assigned to stimulate critical thinking and challenge you to apply new skills.  Homework frequently looks like listening to short clips on YouTube followed by informal journaling to facilitate reflection.  

Level III themes include coaching philosophy, mental skills, training plan development, equipment tuning, and advanced coaching on the National Training System for recurve (barrow and Olympic) and compound.

Virtual learning comes with a wide range of benefits.  We believe these benefits positively impact you on your coach development journey and, therefore, also have positive impacts on your athletes.  A few benefits of virtual certification courses we have experienced:

  • More time to digest the information
  • More time to ask questions
  • More time to begin experimentally applying what you are learning
  • More time for feedback
  • More time for peer interaction, connecting with other coaches
  • People from all over the country (or World) can participate as long as the required criteria are met.

Certification Requirements:
  • Member of USA Archery, NFAA or ASA.
  • Background screening check specifically conducted through USA Archery.
  • SafeSport Training specifically taken through the USA Archery member platform.
  • Successfully complete the Mental Management 101 Course online through USA Archery

  • 19 years of age or older
  • Must hold a current Level 2 Instructor certification for 1 yr OR . . .  
  • Pass the Level III Test-in Exam AND . . . 
  • Verify 3 yrs of documented archery instructor/coach experience.

  • Eligible to apply to be a Level II Instructor Trainer
  • Qualified to be a lead Coach for Explore Archery, JOAD/AAAP and Collegiate Club programs.
  • Eligible or USA Archery insurance coverage. 
  • Access to exclusive video content on the USA Archery Coach membership platform


Level 3-NTS Coach Certification Course


Online via Zoom, Online, United States of America, Online


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