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Virtual Ongoing Level 2 Instructor Certification Course - Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer

Virtual Level 2 Instructor Certification Course


To qualify experienced archers as Level 2 Archery Instructors online through self-paced private, semi-private, or three-person groups via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet sessions at personally convenient times. This course is continuously open and ongoing. It is up to you when you start, when and how often your sessions are, and when you finish! 

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The Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course includes the Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification Course and provides students with an introduction to the National Training System (NTS) Steps of Shooting for recurve and compound, equipment and accessory setup, athlete development and events. It also qualifies students to teach the Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification Course. 

Graduates of the Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course are well prepared to serve as the lead instructor for long-term archery programs such as Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Adult Archery Program and Collegiate Archery Program clubs, as well as the Explore Archery Program.

They will attain the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range, and ensure that minimum standards for archery instruction are consistently taught to provide for the safety and enjoyment of the participants, instructors and spectators. 


USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer


These virtual online courses are available to those who:

  • need or prefer to take the certification course privately or in a small group

  • prefer self-paced, self-study, flexibly scheduled, and targeted sessions

  • have experience as an archer 

  • preferably have their own equipment

  • shoot or are willing to learn the National Training System (NTS) method 

  • have the desire to become an instructor.


  • The level of experience of each individual who registers for this course will be reviewed before acceptance to the course. 

  • For those who do not have archery experience, they will need to complete a practical one-on-one in-person or virtual demonstration with Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer or a Level 2 Instructor Trainer prior to applying.


At mutually convenient times on days arranged between the student(s) and Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer.  

CLASS SIZE (1-3 archers) 

Private one-on-one, semi-private (2 archers), or small group (3 archers).

  • Semi-private and 3-person groups should register and attend each virtual session together at the same time and preferably in the same place. 

  • Register by filling out one registration form for each archer, and let us know the name of the other person(s) in your group, if applicable. 

  • If you wish to request a Level 2 Instructor Certification Course for a group larger than three archers, please contact Coach Racae.


  • Maximum of sixteen (16) 30 min.-90 min. virtual sessions to coincide with material in the Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Books. 

  • Total course duration not to exceed 16 hours. 

  • The dates, how often, and for how long you take the course is totally up to you. Some people register for multiple hours on consecutive days to finish fast, others register for 1-3 days a week, and others stretch out the course over a month or more. It is up to you and your schedule.
  • All virtual sessions should be completed within six months from the time we receive your registration.

  • Registrations will be limited, so please register early.

COURSE FEES (max. 16 hours) 

(Sales tax at 8.25% and shipping costs for materials are not included in the above fees.)

(A 15% discount on the fees below will be applied for summer camp and college student instructors with proof of hiring)

  • Private (one-on-one): $325/archer for coach fee + $45/archer course materials fee 

  • Semi-private (2 archers at the same times) : $275/archer for coach fee  + $45/archer course materials fee

  • Small group (3 archers at the same times) : $230/archer for coach fee  + $45/archer course materials fee 

If you have been certified since January 2020, as a USA Archery Level 1 Instructor, the following fees apply:

  • Private (one-on-one): $228/archer for coach fee + $45/archer course materials fee 

  • Semi-private (2 archers at the same times) : $193/archer for coach fee  + $45/archer course materials fee

  • Small group (3 archers at the same times) : $161/archer for coach fee  + $45/archer course materials fee 


  • Minimum Age: 18  (A student who is 17 years old and within 30 days of his or her 18th birthday may take the Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course. However, the instructor may not submit the Applicant Data form until the student turns 18 years of age.)

  • Membership to USA Archery or National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

  • U.S. Center for SafeSport Training


  • Qualified to teach the Level 1 Instructor Certification Course

  • Eligible to apply for Level 2 Instructor Trainer Certification

  • Qualified to be the lead Instructor for an Explore Archery Program, JOAD Program, Adult Archery Program and/or Collegiate Archery Program Club

  • Eligible for USA Archery insurance coverage. (See USA Archery Insurance page for requirements.)

  • Access to exclusive video content in the USA Archery Membership Dashboard.


  • Membership to USA Archery or the National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

  • USA Archery Background Screening

  • U.S. Center for SafeSport Training

  • You must score 75%+ on the written exam and complete the practical evaluation.


Three years from the date of course completion.


After receiving your registration and fee, we will email you detailed information (Student Sheet: How it Works) explaining 

  • how and when you will receive your materials, 

  • how to prepare for your virtual sessions, 

  • how to schedule your sessions, 

  • what is expected, 

  • what is involved in taking the exam, and 

  • what you need to do after completing your exam.


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Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course


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