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Level 2 Course - Richiusa

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need a Level One certification to become a certified Level Two instructor. However, a Level Two certification is specifically constructed to allow you to TEACH Level One classes upon completion. If you are not certain which level course to take, please call the instructor. Heroes' Hearts® Inc. believes that teachers who go through the process of certification so that they can help others are heroes. 

This level two course is taught along side level one candidates so that each candidate can actually practice the skills being taught in real time. You will be joining Park Ranger, archery instructor candidates (also heroes) at a fabulous recreation facility in Fountain Valley, California. The class is taught by Heroes' Hearts® inc. founder Gordon Richiusa, who is also a USAA Certified Judge and Level 2 Instructor/Trainer, and director of Five Birds Archery and other archery programs. There is a great student-teacher ratio because many who Gordon has certified in the past will also be on hand to practice their teaching skills. All fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and considered donations to the Heroes' Helping Heroes Project, including the Heroes' Scholarship fund. 

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Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course


Freedom Hall--Mile Square Park, 16801 Euclid St., Fountain Valley, California, United States of America, 92708


[email protected]


+1 9494915526

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