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The Level 2 Instructor Trainer certification is an additional certification current USA Archery Level 2 instructor’s and higher-level coaches may apply for if they would like to be eligible to teach the Level 2 Instructor course.

The goal of the Level 2 Instructor Trainer certification program ensures USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 instructor certification courses are taught in a safe and consistent manner nationwide.

Course Information

Course Length: Online Exam - 50 questions

Course Cost: FREE

Certification Period: Three years from the date of course completion


  • Minimum age is 18
  • Current Level 2 or higher USA Archery Instructor or Coach Certification

Certification Requirements

  • Current USA Archery Level 2 or higher certification
  • Membership to USA Archery* or the National Field Archery Association (NFAA)
  • USA Archery Background Screening
  • U.S. Center for SafeSport Training
  • Must obtain a passing score of 96% on the Level 2 Instructor Trainer online exam

Become Certified

Current USA Archery Level 2 instructors and higher-level coaches can easily apply to become a Level 2 Instructor Trainer by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to the USA Archery Shop and purchase a new Level 2 “Instructor Packet”.
  2. After you receive the new materials, review the “Instructions for How to Teach the Level 1 and Level 2 Course”, the Level 1 and Level 2 books and USA Archery Coaching Resources videos to prepare for the online exam.
  3. Log into your USA Archery account ( . Click on "Online Exams" in the menu under your name. Click the "Add Exam" button to add the Level 2 Instructor Trainer Exam to your account. Take the exam.


*A USA Archery Temporary, Recreational and/or Youth Membership will not satisfy the membership requirement.

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