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USA Archery has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our programs - for the youth participants and also for you, who make the programs a success. One of these steps is the implementation of a standardized approach to background screening for all our coaches and volunteer leaders through SSCI. This process must be completed before being certified or approved to serve as a volunteer. The cost is the responsibility of the individual.

At a minimum of every two years, USAA employees and those individuals USAA (a) formally authorizes or appoints (a) to a position of authority over, or (b) to have frequent contact with athletes, including, but not limited to, any volunteer, coaches, instructor, coach, judge, administrator, board members, trainers, medical personnel (excluding those who only have incidental and observable contact with athletes at events); and other individuals who have regular contact with athletes as determined by USAA, in its sole discretion and/or as required by USOPC.

In USA Archery's discretion it may bypass the Background Screening requirement for those people who are under 18 years of age.

Members who are taking a new role that is subject to Background Screening and/or U.S. Center for SafeSport Training must meet these requirements prior to contact with athletes, and in any event within sixty (60 days of the commencement of the new role.

USA Archery will track all Background Screening and U.S. Center for SafeSport Training and perform periodic checks to ensure compliance with this policy.

Most background screenings will be processed in 3-5 business days. However, some background screenings may take longer.

SSCI’s comprehensive Preferred Screening Program utilizes both National and Local records search and a simple "Red Light/Green Light" clearance report issued in accordance with Recommended Guidelines(R) published by the National Council of Youth Sports. This is part of a national movement towards the standardization of safety programs for youth-serving organizations in this country. USA Archery has worked with SSCI to ensure that this process is convenient, secure and confidential.

"Red Light/Green Light" Results will be sent to USA Archery. SSCI will contact you directly if there are any questions, problems or issues related to your specific information. Any disputes with “Red Light” results are handled directly with SSCI.

It is important to enter your full legal name as written on your birth certificate or driver's license. Verify that your social security number is typed correctly. Using nicknames or failing to type a correct social security number may delay or invalidate your background check.

If you require a Background Screen for another agency and that agency will accept the screen performed by SSCI, you may contact SSCI at 866-996-7412.

Thank you for your continued participation and your cooperation in this important process.

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